My dog is shy, fearful, and/or nervous. Will ecollar training make things worse?

We have never had a dog become shyer, more nervous or more fearful after completing my training programs. In fact, the opposite is nearly always the case. Dogs who are shy become exuberant; dogs who are nervous gain confidence; and dogs who are fearful gain courage. The e-Collar allows dogs to learn how to relax, have fun and enjoy being dogs. This frequently leads to newfound confidence and calmness. It still delights us to watch dogs who were once labeled as fearful become dogs who are the first to greet new training dogs, approach strangers, or lay calmly in a busy public place. Becoming your dog’s leader, with the use of the e-Collar and our training programs, gives your pet the assurance of always knowing what to expect, and of understanding what you expect. This elimination of confusion and uncertainty is often all that is required to allow a dog to relax and enjoy being a dog. We have never seen an e-Collar make a dog’s temperament or habits worsen. In our experience, they are the most effective tools in giving dogs a new lease on life.

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