We have an amazing team at K9 Kamp Dog Training! Meet them now!

Carrie Guion
Owner/Professional Dog Trainer

Jim Guion, has been in operations management for many years. He started his career in IT in 1999 and quickly moved into managing network infrastructure teams. Jim left the corporate world in 2018 to begin assisting Carrie in the dog training business. He is the friendly voice that explains our programs and processes to prospective clients and he’s the keeper of the schedule. He’s supports our staff, runs errands, and does needed building maintenance. He is an integral part of our team and our families enjoy his listening ear when they need someone to chat with.

Jim Guion
Owner/Director of Sales and Operations

We assist dog owners in the metro St. Louis and surrounding area to achieve their goals of having well-behaved dogs, which are social, respectable, and obedient. We help resolve behavior issues by teaching dogs reflexive obedience to commands and instilling in them the desire to please their owners. We tailor training programs specifically to the needs of dog and owner, providing long-lasting, reliable results. We help owners discover and replace habits that may be causing undesirable behaviors and/or creating an undesirable state of mind in their pet. Although obedience to commands is the main focus, we incorporate family dynamics and lifestyle into training programs in order to root out problems and generate mutually healthy, rewarding relationships. 

Austin Guion
Owner/Professional Dog Trainer

As the oldest son of Jim and Carrie, Austin Guion has grown up with dogs around him his whole life. He has seen firsthand what not to do with dogs and he’s learned from his parents what works best. He has been assisting with dogs and their training since he was very young and doing it full time since 2017. Austin’s primary role is to train the dogs that are in our training programs and work with our families. He also is the creator behind many of the amazing pictures that our families receive while they’re with us. The dogs love Austin and he loves helping families unleash their best friends.

Dog Trainer

Mary and her husband Paul, of 40 years, live in Warrenton, MO. Mary has two children and 4 grandchildren that keep her busy while not training dogs at K9 Kamp. She has two Australian Shepherds, Fiona and Lincoln that she enjoys doing agility with and has competed and earned titles with. Before working as a full time dog trainer, Mary was a veterinary technician for over 15 years and has always had a love of animals. Mary’s favorite part of working at K9 Kamp is meeting new pets and getting to know each individual pet’s personality.

Sarah Newport
Dog Trainer

Sarah Newport began training with K9 Kamp Dog Training in 2021. Sarah comes to us with 20 years of adult education experience which has been particularly helpful when it comes to training our human clients. She thrives on making dog training concepts accessible to all our families. As a client herself, Sarah knows firsthand how life changing our dog training program can be. She and her two dogs, Lottie and Laika, spend as much time as possible outside together- with both dogs enjoying life off leash!

John-Mark Willis
Dog Trainer

John-Mark Willis has worked with K9 Kamp Dog Training since 2019. Before that, he was a carpenter and did odd jobs here and there. He volunteered at the animal medical center of Wentzville for 2 years but K9 Kamp was his first official job. He has a 3-year-old blue heeler that loves mountain biking. His favorite part about working at K9 Kamp is working with big crazy dog breeds.