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K9 Kamps objective is to ensure that your dog settles in as a permanent member of the family. We do this by providing dog training that is fun, safe and effective. Our director of training has worked with dogs for over 30 years and our programs are the best in our area. We give you the tools you need to peacefully coexist with your dog both in your home and in the community.

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 K9 Kamp services customers all across the United States and beyond!
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Our Team

Meet the Team

We have some amazing people working at K9 Kamp, We’re also a family-based company, meaning many of our staff are actual family, and the rest feel as close as family. So come meet the team!

What We Do

We assist dog owners in the metro St. Louis and surrounding area to achieve their goals of having well-behaved dogs, which are social, respectable, and obedient. We help resolve behavior issues by teaching dogs reflexive obedience to commands and instilling in them the desire to please their owners. We tailor training programs specifically to the needs of dog and owner, providing long-lasting, reliable results. We help owners discover and replace habits that may be causing undesirable behaviors and/or creating an undesirable state of mind in their pet. Although obedience to commands is the main focus, we incorporate family dynamics and lifestyle into training programs in order to root out problems and generate mutually healthy, rewarding relationships. 

How We Do It

Using the most innovative training tools and techniques allows us to communicate with your dog to train them safely, quickly and effectively. One of these tools is the remote collar that has been used by dog trainers for over fifty years. At times referred to as a “shock collar”, with the accompanying negative connotations, the E-Collar we utilize has come a long way since it’s development many years ago.  Modern E-collars work on a low-level frequency, generating a vibration and/ or a tingling of the muscle. This mild frequency allows the trainer to communicate with the dog in gentle and successful ways that allow maximum freedom and eliminates unhealthy and increasingly violent confrontations. Other tools, such as prong collars, slip leads, or muzzles are used as required, depending on the dog’s situation and needs. The appropriate tools can help break the language barrier and effect the necessary training that will restore the joys of owning and relating to a beloved pet. Any dog, no matter its age or issues, can become a respectful, obedient pet that brings delight to its owner and admiration from onlookers, with the right tools and a little know-how. We can help you get there. 

Why It Works

Every relationship needs good communication. The tools that we use help dog owners better communicate with their dogs, avoiding the pitfalls of harshness and negativity. Learning reflexive obedience allows dogs to run, explore, sniff and enjoy what dogs love and are intended to do, without endangering them or annoying others. The freedom that properly learned discipline brings produces a much better state of mind in pet and owner. Traditional dog training, such as reward-based training, can teach obedience to basic commands, but does not address other behavior issues. Clear and consistent communication, using the most appropriate tools and techniques for the circumstances, not only establishes desirable behavior but a healthy, happy disposition. A well-trained dog is free to explore and enjoy the world according to its nature and provides the best relationship possible between man and his four-legged friends.



  • Does your dog create constant chaos in your home and/or community? 
  • Are your kids and other family members scared of your dog? 
  • Have you worked with other trainers with little to no results? 
  • Are you ready to unleash your best friend? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you. Our training programs have helped thousands of dogs all over the United States to be more peaceful in the home and in the community. Our programs are created for busy families to learn how to establish rules and structure in the home that set dogs up for success. Our families take what we instill in their dogs and use it to continue to improve their relationship. Let us help you love your dog again.  


We raise Whoodle puppies on our hobby farm which is located about 30 minutes outside of St Louis, MO. We have years of experience raising puppies as we bred Labrador Retrievers for many years in the past. Carrie also spent many years working for other breeders of Labrador Retrievers. With our extensive background in dog care and dog training, we are able to provide high-quality care and attention to our puppies.

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Don’t take our word for it! Check out some of our great reviews.

I cannot say enough great things about K9 Kamp. I will forever use them to train any of our future pups. We sent our toy Aussie after she started to show signs of anxiety and was becoming aggressive to anyone that did not belong to our family. She is a completely different dog now! It’s amazing to be able to take her on walks without her constant pulling on the leash and she listens so well now! Seeing someone come to our home or walk by doesn’t even phase her anymore. I really appreciated that the trainers sent multiple pictures and videos daily. And I mean A LOT! Communication is amazing and you can tell that they truly have a passion for this and love what they do. Plus you get continued help after training if you have any questions and they even have play dates for the dogs who completed the program. Thank you guys for loving on our little Winnie! You guys are amazing and you can count on me referring you guys to all our friends!

Teena Brown with "Winnie"

Our pup Maui had a great time at K9 Kamp, both with his short boarding stay, and his 3 week training program. We would highly recommend anyone using K9 Kamp for a number of reasons:

-Comfort: I’m sure everyone that ever needs to leave their dog to boarding or a 3 week training program would wonder how the dog is doing. With K9 Kamp, there is never a worry. You get to meet the staff that will actually be caring for your dog, which goes a long way to knowing they will be cared for.
-Pictures! Every single day during Maui’s stay we received pictures of him playing and what he was working on during training. And when I say pictures, I don’t mean 2. We had to have received a few hundred pictures and videos during his 3 week stay, which is extremely comforting.
-Professionalism: the facility is amazing, the staff not only is very good at their job, but you can also tell they care about your dog as well.
-Results: The main reason the dogs go to training. Maui is still only 9 months, but he came back from training with a calm demeanor, and he now has freedom within the house. We need to keep up with his training, but we have already seen improvement.
I could go on and on about K9 Kamp, but could not recommend it enough. Maui will certainly be back the next time we go on vacation. Thank you Jim, Carrie, and the rest of the staff for the training of course, but treating Maui as if he was your own.
Matt Marquart with "Maui"

We’re so happy we did Carrie Gooden Guion’s K9 Kamp. We are just posting about it so others know it exists. Auggie was getting hard to enjoy before being trained there. Now, after a 3-week stay, he can sit/stay, do “place” and stay on an upraised surface like a cot or couch, walk on a leash and heel perfectly, be OFF LEASH and not run away from us (🥳🤩!!), he doesn’t bark at everyone and everything anymore, he doesn’t jump all over us, he won’t eat out of our trash anymore, he comes when called the first time, and more. I don’t know how they work their magic there, but FRIENDS—you’ve got to check them out. We can trust Auggie again and now he’s a joy and not a menace. Thankful for K9 Kamp! 🥰🥳

Stephen Candice-Schroeder with “Auggie”

Carrie and her family took the best care of our standard goldendoodle, Finnegan. We chose their “Dog I Can Love” program. K9 Kamp changed our lives! He is truly like a different dog, a happier dog. He is now the pet we needed in our lives. My son and Finnegan are now able to become best friends. We are so grateful for this sweet family and the work they do. They have answered every question, provided the education we needed, and continue to support us and check in with us when Finnegan came home. I could gush all day about the ways they have helped us. Miraculous . . . that’s the best word I can use to describe K9 Kamp Dog Training! I trust them wholeheartedly. We will definitely be back for our boarding needs in the future. The new facility is beautiful and the staff love on the dogs like they are their own. Thank you, Carrie!

Jennifer Burch with “Finnegan”

Our dog Buck is an English Lab and he attended K9 Kamp with Carrie when he was 4 months old. He spent 2 weeks with Carrie and her family. That’s probably what I love most about Carrie’s training…it is a family environment. Carrie’s son, Griffin, and Buck have a special relationship. They are great buddies. Buck received the best care and training. He came home with manners and was truly obedient. We continue to take Buck to Carrie for boarding and she does refreshers with him. She sends pictures and videos of him while we are separated. Carrie goes above and beyond with the dogs. One of the times we left Buck with Carrie, he got sick. She kept in close contact with us, letting us know how he was doing and what she was doing for him. Buck loves it there so that makes it much easier to leave him behind when we travel. I highly recommend Carrie. Her training and boarding services are excellent.

Stephanie Herndon Browning

Carrie is truly a dog whisperer! We met Carrie shortly after we rescued our American Bulldog, Stella. She was 8 weeks old when we rescued her from an urgent situation & we were clueless about raising a bulldog. We knew for certain that she needed proper training, as AB’s tend to be dominant. By the time she was 12 weeks old, we identified some developmental delays that concerned us & we knew it would take someone very special & patient to train her. As soon as we met with Carrie for our consultation, we knew she was the one to train Stella. Carrie is incredibly patient & kind. Carrie trained Stella for 14 days and when we returned to pick our puppy up we were amazed. Our 4-month-old puppy had such good manners & self-control. She is now 2 years old & still maintains the skills that she learned with Carrie. We are forever grateful to Carrie (and her sweet family) for training our dog & we tell everyone about how awesome she is!

Alisa Bivona Van Gels

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