K9 Kamps objective is to ensure that your dog settles in as a permanent member of the family. We do this by providing dog training that is fun, safe, and in a natural environment. Dogs are kept in a home with a family of other dogs and children. Doing so allows the dogs to learn in the environment into which they will return. Dogs are trained to preform their new commands in many of the same situations they will encounter at home.

Our dog Buck is an English Lab and he attended K9 Kamp with Carrie when he was 4 months old. He spent 2 weeks with Carrie and her family. That’s probably what I love most about Carrie’s training…it is a family environment. Carrie’s son, Griffin, and Buck have a special relationship. They are great buddies. Buck received the best care and training. He came home with manners and was truly obedient. We continue to take Buck to Carrie for boarding and she does refreshers with him. She sends pictures and videos of him while we are separated. Carrie goes above and beyond with the dogs. One of the times we left Buck with Carrie, he got sick. She kept in close contact with us, letting us know how he was doing and what she was doing for him. Buck loves it there so that makes it much easier to leave him behind when we travel. I highly recommend Carrie. Her training and boarding services are excellent.

Stephanie Herndon Browning

Carrie is truly a dog whisperer! We met Carrie shortly after we rescued our American Bulldog, Stella. She was 8 weeks old when we rescued her from an urgent situation & we were clueless about raising a bulldog. We knew for certain that she needed proper training, as AB’s tend to be dominant. By the time she was 12 weeks old, we identified some developmental delays that concerned us & we knew it would take someone very special & patient to train her. As soon as we met with Carrie for our consultation, we knew she was the one to train Stella. Carrie is incredibly patient & kind. Carrie trained Stella for 14 days and when we returned to pick our puppy up we were amazed. Our 4-month-old puppy had such good manners & self-control. She is now 2 years old & still maintains the skills that she learned with Carrie. We are forever grateful to Carrie (and her sweet family) for training our dog & we tell everyone about how awesome she is!

Alisa Bivona Van Gels