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K9 Kamp Dog Training videos provide valuable tips and tricks on how to address common behavioral issues, enhance obedience, and improve your dog’s overall demeanor.

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Trainer Mary is hard at work with Australian Shepherd Boba, dragging a long line at K9 Kamp Farm. 🐾 This important step in training helps transition our dogs to off-leash freedom. We are so proud of Boba's progress! 

Ready to take your dog's training to the next level? Reach out to K9 Kamp and see how we can help! #K9KampTraining #OffLeashTraining #AustralianShepherd #TrainingProgress
Watch Sadie in action as she masters her recall down the road at K9 Kamp Farm, all captured in stunning slow motion! 🌟 Her focus and speed are a sight to behold as she dashes towards her trainer, demonstrating the power and precision we strive for in our training. #SlowMoSuccess #K9KampTraining #RecallPerfection πŸΎπŸš€
πŸŽ₯🐾 After a lively play session outdoors, our 7-week-old Whoodle puppies from Cinder's litter are taking a well-deserved rest. Watch this heartwarming video as they snuggle up together, dozing off with the cutest puppy snores you'll ever hear!

These little ones have spent their morning exploring and playing, and now it's time to recharge with some puppy naps. Each pup has a unique personality that shines even during these quiet moments of rest.

If you're looking for a furry addition to your family, these adorable Whoodles are ready to fill your home with joy and playfulness. Don’t wait too long; let us know if you’re interested in giving one of these sleepy beauties a forever home.

#WhoodlePuppies #PuppyNapTime #CutePuppyVideo #K9KampPuppies
Watch as Titan, the focused Cane Corso puppy, impressively holds a sit-stay while Emmie circles around him. This training exercise showcases Titan's discipline and concentration, even as distractions come his way. It's moments like these that highlight the progress our pups make, demonstrating patience and control that are crucial for their development.

Cheer on Titan as he masters this important skill, setting a foundation for more advanced training. Way to go, Titan! πŸΎπŸ‘

#PuppyTraining #CaneCorsoStrong #SitStay #K9KampSkills
πŸŽ₯🐾 Puppy Alert! Dive into this adorable video of our 6-week-old Whoodle puppies from Cinder's litter. We love watching them  tumble, play, and explore the world around them with boundless energy and curiosity. πŸΆπŸ’–

There are still a few spots left to welcome these little wonders into your family. Each puppy is looking for a loving home where they can receive lots of cuddles, playtime, and growth. If you've been dreaming of adding a furry friend to your life, these Whoodles might just be the perfect match!

Interested in making one of these cuties your new best friend? Contact us today to learn more about adopting. Don't miss outβ€”these adorable pups are ready to make their way into your heart and home!

#WhoodlePuppies #PuppyAdventures #AdoptAPuppy #K9Kamp
πŸŽ₯🐾 Catch the joyful rhythm of Pippa's tail wagging in this mesmerizing slow-motion video! It’s all about the wagβ€”no faces, just the happy swish of a tail that tells you everything you need to know about how she’s feeling. 

Watch as each sweep of Pippa's tail cuts through the air, a true testament to her cheerful and lively spirit. A wagging tail is often said to be the heartbeat at the foot of a dog, and Pippa’s surely beats with excitement and happiness! 🐢❀️ #TailWagging #HappyPup #SlowMoMoments #K9KampJoy
πŸΎπŸ‘ Watch as Tucker impressively holds a sit-stay while Trainer Carrie puts his training to the test! This video showcases Tucker's discipline and focus, essential qualities we nurture in our "Well Mannered Dog" program. Despite distractions, Tucker remains steadfast, proving that patience and consistent training pay off.

Cheer on Tucker as he demonstrates just how much he's learned and how ready he is to handle any situation with calm and confidence. Great job, Tucker! 🌟

#DogTrainingExcellence #SitStayMaster #FocusedPup #K9KampSkills
πŸŽ“πŸΎ Meet Nala, our stellar Pyrenees puppy who was  just about ready to graduate from our "Dog I Can Love" program in this video. Here she is, demonstrating her incredible training by laying calmly at a playground while children play around her. This is no small feat for a young pup, showcasing her patience, training, and the gentle nature of her breed.

Nala's ability to stay relaxed and composed in busy environments makes her a shining example of what our training program aims to achieve. We're so proud of her progress and can't wait to celebrate her graduation. Way to go, Nala! 🌟

#PuppyGraduation #PublicTrainingSuccess #CalmCompanion #K9KampAchievements
🐩✨ Check out Louie, our charming poodle, making strides in our "Dog I Can Love" program! This video showcases Louie practicing his leash walking skills at the playground, navigating through distractions with grace and focus. 

Watch how confidently Louie handles the bustling environment, proving just how effective and important public training is for helping our dogs adapt to various social settings. 🌳🐾

Join us in cheering on Louie as he masters the art of polite leash walking, setting a shining example for all our furry students! πŸŽ‰

#DogTrainingInAction #PublicTraining #PoodleProgress #K9KampExcellence
πŸΎπŸ‘ Watch Trainer Carrie in action as she skillfully works with Titan, the impressive Cane Corso puppy, on mastering the "place" command. This video highlights how patience and consistent training are key to teaching young pups like Titan to understand and respond to commands confidently.

Live with Whoodle pups. 
Let’s talk introductions to other dogs
Cinders pups are almost 6 weeks now. Their personalities are shaping up and they’re exploring more and more of the world around them. 

There’s still spots available in this litter.
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