In addition to all of our various training and boarding programs, K9 Kamp also breeds and raises puppies on site that customers can purchase. To inquire about purchasing own for your family, call 314-657-7367 today!



Charlotte and Leia are both females that we use for breeding. They are chocolate colored and black and white poodles respectively, a breed largely known for their intelligence, which is second only to the border collie. Because of their intelligence, poodles generally take quite well to obedience training, which can make them fantastic family pets, as well as even show or sport dogs. Overall, poodles are a great breed that would make a welcome addition to any family!


George is a male that we use for breeding. He is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. The Wheaten is an average size dog weighing about 30-45 pounds as adults.  They are bred to be all purpose farm dogs but what is really great about them is their coat. Like a poodle, the Wheaten’s coat does not shed. This makes the Wheaten a great choice for someone who may have allergies to pet dander. Wheatens are full of life, love to work alongside of their families, and are very loving and loyal! 



We are expecting a litter of Whoodles in Spring of 2019!