How much of a time investment will I have to put in once my dog is trained and is there anything I need to do while my dog is being trained?

We strive to create a dog training program that helps you get your dog into the best possible space he or she can be in, in as short a time frame as possible. We know how difficult it is to live with a dog who doesn’t understand commands, is rude and disrespectful, or whose behaviors are less than ideal. In order to permanently resolve problems, we need to do more than just treat some of the symptoms. Getting to the root of the problem may require some patience, as well as the ability of pet owners to learn from constructive criticisms. We may ask owners to make some slight changes in the home while the dog is in training and provide some videos of their or other dogs to demonstrate how to ensure optimal responses. We will provide the tools and knowledge you will need to continue with what your dog has learned. We provide free lifetime support, as well as an ongoing weekly improvement class that helps to refresh the dogs’ new skills if necessary. If dog owners take advantage of all the resources we offer, they will acquire the knowledge, tools and skills to ensure their pet’s best behavior.

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