What K9 Kamp can do for your dog

Dogs are trained under the direction of someone who has been training dogs professionally for over 30 years. Our programs are designed for busy families that need a solid foundation for their dog that they can easily build from. We offer programs for dogs from 8 weeks to 10 years old and have been working with dogs and their familes since 1994. We will help you love your dog again. K9 Kamp offers both Day Training and Board and Train programs. See below for more information. 

Board and Train Programs

Dog I Can Love

Giving your dog essential self-control, this program makes loving your dog easy again. Upon its completion, you will enjoy walking your dog on the leash again, and your dog will remain calmly wherever placed, in the house and in the yard. Your pet will also have the much-desired ability to remain off-leash at home or on outings. You will appreciate increased peacefulness from your dog’s newly learned ability to rest calmly in its crate. That calmness will extend to your pet’s self-controlled interactions with kids, other dogs, and with you. Your dog will no longer use you or its leash as a chew toy. You and your guests will no longer be overwhelmed upon entering the house, as your pet will be capable of self-controlled greetings. Your dog will also learn to not disturb food or other items left within its reach on the counter or even on the floor. You will truly love your dog again after he or she has completed this program.

Dog Everyone Loves

If you desire your dog to be calm and comfortable in nearly all situations and to listen reliably even when confronted with distractions, this is the program for you. Your dog will walk calmly on leash and remain wherever placed no matter what is going on in its environment. You will be at ease taking your pet out in public or having people in your home, with the assurance that your dog will do what you ask promptly both on and off leash. This is also a great program for dogs who are fearful, shy, leash reactive, etc. The longer stay allows your dog to be exposed to many experiences that create a calm, well-rounded pet that not only you but the whole community will love. Strangers will stop and stare at your dog and you are sure to hear on all your outings, “Isn’t that dog amazing?” 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I looked into a lot of different places for dog training, and kept hearing great things about Carrie. I’m so glad we ended up going with her. Our very shy and stubborn Shiba Inu was so much better behaved after Carrie worked with her for two weeks. She can even be off-leash now without us having to worry that she’ll run away. I highly recommend this training program, and wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.
Jen Wall

K9 Kamp Dog Training helped get our golden/lab mix off to a great start as a puppy! I am so thankful for the training and it’s helped our family keep an awesome dog who listens beautifully!! This is the only place we send our dog when we travel out of town!!! Thanks Carrie!!!
Jennifer Martin

Carrie at K9 Training is awesome! In 2 weeks she trained our wild, nature-loving Emma into an obedient nature-loving dog. Plus so much more…sit, place, heal and free. The whole family is enjoying life outside again! Her family welcomed Emma into their home and we got frequent updates on her training status. We are very pleased with Emma’s training!
Kandi Jockisch