Puppy Programs

Our puppy programs are designed with the busy family in mind.  We know how hard it is to lose sleep due to a crying puppy.  We know how hard it is to listen to kids screaming because a puppy is latched on to their pant leg or chomping at their arms.  We know how much work is involved in raising a puppy.

But we also know how important it is to do it right.  What is done with a puppy between the ages of 8 – 20 weeks can shape that puppy’s entire future.  Puppies need to learn right from wrong, they need to learn basic commands, and they need to learn that the world is not a big scary place.  They need to go on lots of “safe” outings to be socialized correctly, they need to be exposed to new dogs and people in a controlled way, and they need to be taught that puppy behavior is for other puppies, not small kids.

We love puppies and we love preparing them for life with their new families.  Our puppy imprinting programs will set your puppy up to confidently face the world and begin obedience training.  Our puppy raising programs will not only give your puppy confidence, but will also get your puppy started well on its way to off-leash freedom.  We know what it takes to produce confident, well-mannered dogs that you can take with you anywhere.  We’d love to chat with you about our programs to see if your new puppy is a good fit.

Puppy Imprinting

Polished Puppy

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I looked into a lot of different places for dog training, and kept hearing great things about Carrie. I’m so glad we ended up going with her. Our very shy and stubborn Shiba Inu was so much better behaved after Carrie worked with her for two weeks. She can even be off-leash now without us having to worry that she’ll run away. I highly recommend this training program, and wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.
Jen Wall

K9 Kamp Dog Training helped get our golden/lab mix off to a great start as a puppy! I am so thankful for the training and it’s helped our family keep an awesome dog who listens beautifully!! This is the only place we send our dog when we travel out of town!!! Thanks Carrie!!!
Jennifer Martin

Carrie at K9 Training is awesome! In 2 weeks she trained our wild, nature-loving Emma into an obedient nature-loving dog. Plus so much more…sit, place, heal and free. The whole family is enjoying life outside again! Her family welcomed Emma into their home and we got frequent updates on her training status. We are very pleased with Emma’s training!
Kandi Jockisch