Is your dog a stealthy food ninja, prowling the countertops or tables for any morsel left unattended? You’re not alone. Counter surfing behavior is a common challenge for dog owners, but there’s no need to despair. K9 Kamp is here to help you and your dog overcome this habit and restore peace in your kitchen.

Understanding Counter Surfing

Counter surfing, in doggy terms, is the art of snatching food or other enticing items from elevated surfaces like countertops, tables, or even stovetops. It’s a behavior that can be equal parts frustrating and potentially dangerous. Your pup’s curiosity and desire for countertop cuisine can result in lost meals, shattered dishes, and even a trip to the vet if they ingest something harmful.

Our Approach to Counter Surfing

When it comes to counter surfing, we focus on a combination of strategies to address the issue effectively. We work with your dog to develop self-control and impulse management. This empowers them to resist the urge to snatch tempting items from countertops. One of the most crucial tools in preventing counter surfing is a reliable “leave it” command. We’ll teach your dog to respond promptly when told to “leave it,” ensuring they steer clear of off-limits areas. 

Customized Training Plans

Every dog has its unique triggers for counter surfing. Our trainers will identify these triggers and create a customized plan to address them, making sure your dog understands what’s acceptable behavior. Our training methods are rooted in life enrichment; setting expectations, enforcing rules, and demonstrating boundaries to achieve the desired behavior.

Overcome Counter Surfing with K9 Kamp

Don’t let counter surfing disrupt your household harmony or pose risks to your dog’s well-being. At K9 Kamp, we’re committed to helping you and your dog overcome this challenge. Our training programs are designed to instill lasting changes, allowing your dog to coexist peacefully in your home. 

Experience the K9 Kamp Difference

Say goodbye to countertop chaos and hello to well-behaved, self-controlled dogs. Contact K9 Kamp today to learn more about our counter surfing solutions and embark on a journey toward a more harmonious life with your canine companion.

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When you choose K9 Kamp for your dog’s training journey, you’re not just investing in a program – you’re investing in a partnership. Our team is dedicated to supporting you and your dog every step of the way, even after the training is complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we would never absolutely forbid a visit while your dog is undergoing training, it is in the dog’s best interest if you can refrain.  It is important for the dog to temporarily bond with us and look to us to meet his or her needs during the stay with us. If you come and go, the dog is more likely to worry and fret over you, negatively affecting its sense of well-being and ability to respond in a relaxed, natural manner. You can be assured that your pet will receive a great deal of attention and affection while in our care, and you will be sent picture texts and videos to keep you up to date with what he or she is doing and learning.

Our training facility and programs are designed with dog training and behavior modification in mind. While your dog is in our care, training takes place any time he or she is out of the private suite. Every day and every activity the dogs are involved in are carefully planned and structured around dog training. The dogs are expected to behave, be respectful, and always have good manners, ensuring that their training is consistent. There is a lot of playtime with other dogs and with people, but even during play the dogs are expected to have good behavior, thus their training is reinforced in natural and delightful ways.

While we cannot guarantee that your dog will listen 100% reliably once his or her training is over, the dogs that complete our training programs consistently demonstrate remarkable improvements in their behavior. A well-trained dog should remain responsive if the owner remains consistent, and no health or confusing environmental issues arise to distract the animal. Should future issues arise, we are here for the lifetime of the dog to assist you in diagnosing the problem whether that’s through phone consults, or group improvement classes. Check out the many testimonials from happy clients on our testimonies page.