Meet Carrie Guion

Owner/Professional Dog Trainer:  

Carrie Guion, professional dog trainer, has trained hundreds of dogs since 1991 and has trained many different breeds.  Most of her career was spent training dogs in a large boarding and training kennel.  The skills she learned in this setting have helped her to form a schedule in the home that way surpasses what the dogs learn while staying in a kennel.

What I Do

I assist dog owners in the metro St. Louis and surrounding area to achieve their goals of having well-behaved dogs, which are social, respectable, and obedient. I help resolve behavior issues by teaching dogs reflexive obedience to commands and instilling in them the desire to please their owners. I tailor training programs specifically to the needs of dog and owner, providing long-lasting, reliable results. I help owners discover and replace habits that may be causing undesirable behaviors and/or creating an undesirable state of mind in their pet. Although obedience to commands is the main focus, I incorporate family dynamics and lifestyle into training programs in order to root out problems and generate mutually healthy, rewarding relationships.

How I Do It

Using the most innovative training tools and techniques allows me to communicate with your dog to train them safely, quickly and effectively. One of these tools is the remote collar that has been used by dog trainers for over fifty years. At times referred to as a “shock collar”, with the accompanying negative connotations, the E-Collar has come a long way since it’s development 10 years ago.  Modern E-collars work on a low-level frequency, generating a vibration and/ or a tingling of the muscle. This mild frequency allows the trainer to communicate with the dog in gentle and successful ways that allow maximum freedom and eliminates unhealthy and increasingly violent confrontations. Other tools, such as prong collars, slip leads, or muzzles are used as required, depending on the dog’s situation and needs. The appropriate tools can help break the language barrier and effect the necessary training that will restore the joys of owning and relating to a beloved pet. Any dog, no matter its age or issues, can become a respectful, obedient pet that brings delight to its owner and admiration from onlookers, with the right tools and a little know-how. I can help you get there.

Why It Works

Every relationship needs good communication. The tools that I use help dog owners better communicate with their dogs, avoiding the pitfalls of harshness and negativity. Learning reflexive obedience allows dogs to run, explore, sniff and enjoy what dogs love and are intended to do, without endangering them or annoying others. The freedom that properly learned discipline brings produces a much better state of mind in pet and owner. Traditional dog training, such as reward based training, can teach obedience to basic commands, but does not address other behavior issues. Clear and consistent communication, through the use of the most appropriate tools and techniques for the circumstances, not only establishes desirable behavior but a healthy, happy disposition. A well-trained dog is free to explore and enjoy the world according to its nature and provides the best relationship possible between man and his four-legged friends.


Foristell, Missouri

PHONE: (314) 657-7367