What makes your training more special or different than other trainers?

We are committed to helping each pet owner achieve the best possible relationship with his or her dog.   We have over 30 year’s experience working with all types of dogs and their owners.  Most people seek the assistance of a trainer when they realize their current approach is not working, and they do not know how to achieve the desired behavior from […]

Your programs are board and train, so how do the owners learn?

We love this question because, as much as we adore working with dogs, we value working with their owners even more. This is where the magic truly happens! Each program offers varying levels of owner involvement, but every program includes daily interactions from us in the form of picture and video texts. These updates help […]

Which program is best for my dog?

Determining the perfect program for your dog can be a challenging decision, as our programs are not solely focused on training your dog. At K9 Kamp, we prioritize your ongoing success with your dog, and each program offers different options to provide more time and attention to coaching your family. While every dog can thrive […]