We carefully select puppies from sound breeders to raise and train to therapy dog level. Dogs who have went through these programs will be crate trained, house trained, and well mannered. They will be fully trained to all major obedience commands with and without multiple distractions. They begin their training at 8 weeks of age, as soon as they come to us, going out and experiencing life on the farm and in the community. These dogs are comfortable in their own skin so that they can be sound with whatever comes their way. Some of the ways that our dogs can be great are as follows:


  • accompanying you or your family to nursing homes or hospitals to be a calming presence to senior citizens and kids alike


  • accompanying you or your family to a place of business to be a constant presence to your patrons


  • work alongside a therapist or counselor to help clientele to be more relaxed and open to discussion


  • work alongside a grief therapy counselor offering comfort to those who are mourning


  • accompany a teacher into a school to offer help with kids who may need it to become regulated after a hard day or experience


In addition to dogs who have already been through our programs, we can also help you select your own puppy and then raise him or her for you to therapy dog level in our program. If you are interested in a dog you see here, please contact us for more information or an application.



There are currently no therapy dogs available. We expect one to be available again in 2020.