I don’t talk about my own dogs hardly at all. Mostly because they’re not the perfect, robot dogs that many probably think they are. I’ve had issues with dogs over the years and still have a little dog that I have to stay on top of. But although they’re not perfect, my own personal dogs are still pretty great! And they do a super job at helping me show client dogs what good behavior, self control, and fun looks like!

Tron is our youngest and one of my top favorite breeds. You almost can’t go wrong with a male, black Labrador Retriever; especially one of sound breeding. Almost everyone in the family has trained him in some fashion or another, and he’s had a ton of the right kind of socialization. He’s blows the intact dog stereotype out of the water as he’s super friendly, doesn’t run off looking for a girly friend (even when someone forgets he’s outside), doesn’t mark in the house, and doesn’t randomly mount things.

I took this picture of him recently while we were on a hike in Custer State Park in South Dakota. No training tools except for a leash. He hiked four miles with us with that thing trailing behind him. He loved every minute of it; constantly leaving his mark, sniffing things out, and looking back to make sure we were still coming. This is the kind of dog I want to help people get. They’re worth it